Little Foot Preschool & Child Care

Little Foot Preschool & Child Care

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Our Program

Our hours of operation are from 5:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday.

A regular routine is followed each day as children do best when they know what to expect allowing them to be successful. This includes structured and unstructured indoor and outdoor play, our daily preschool program, music,movement time, reading time & arts & crafts. We do not allow TV time as a rule. We do utilize electronic devices for short periods of time each day. Those consist of one or more of the following: desk top computers, laptops, Ipads, and Ipods. These devices have limited access that is password restricted to allow only predetermined areas of access for the children in our program.

Our program participates in the CACFP. Healthy, well balanced, home cooked meals and healthy snacks are provided. We strive for 5 every day and love to offer a wide variety of Whole grain, ORGANIC fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and NON processed foods year round. We will also use the fruit from our own fruit trees and plants when it is in season. 


Education is an important part of early childhood development and is incorporated into our day in many ways. Children ages 18 months -5 years old have a preschool lesson daily using a well planned, fun curriculum, with monthly themes.  

Our focus is on the six principles of early childhood development

1. Gross motor skills allows for the growth and developing of the large muscle group.

2. Fine motor skills allows the developing of small muscles and hand-eye coordination.

3. Language development building phonetics, numerics, and pre-writing skills.

4. Cognitive development through cause & effect, reasoning and pre math skills.

5. Social/Emotional  utilizing pretend play, good manners,  and allowing the children to feel safe, loved and cared for, as well as build social skills..

6. Self awareness/adaptive  skills such as toilet training, dressing and feeding and other social activities of daily life.

We use these 6 principles to build the core concepts for each and every child.

We understand that not every child learns at the same pace, so we take the time needed to get to know each childs' strengths and weaknesses so that we can provide additional support when needed. 

We build early reading skills by matching letters with both upper case and lower case, identify letter sounds, and developing fluency with alphabet recognition.

Early math skills are built through counting, sorting, classifying, measuring and comparing objects.

Our sensory bins are used to help to define and use their senses while playing.

We utilize games to help build the necessary skills so that learning is FUN!

Large outdoor play area with playground , climbers, slides and ride on toys that allow the children to get fresh air twice daily

A daily written report is provided for infants, while verbal communication daily for toddlers and preschool age children is used, as well as monthly calendars and newsletters

We also give our families access to our PROGRAM ONLY Website and PRIVATE Facebook page where we share our fun upcoming activities, photographs of the children in our program, menus and calendar.

Educational and Fun Field Trips where parent participation is always welcome!

Regular party days, crazy hair days, wacky tacky, show and tell, and color days.

Currently licensed with NYS OCFS as a Group Daycare. All teachers/assistants and substitutes are certified in Adult and Child CPR/AED as well as First Aid. We are also certified to administer medications.


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