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Registration Checklist

signed and completed contract ___

up to date physical and immunization records ___

wallet size photo of child for records ___

signed emergency cards ___

signed emergency medical authorization ___

signed over the counter permission slip (all ages) ___

Internet permission slip (ages 5+) ___

transportation permission slip (all ages) ___

bounce house permission slip (2+) ___

signed school age outdoor play permission slip (5+) ___

snigned nap permission slip (under age 5) ___

first week's payment ___

$10 registration fee ___

please initial:

I have received a copy of the parent handbook ___

I have received a copy of the discipline/guidance policy ___

please sign:

I have read and agree to the policies and procedures in this handbook, the discipline/guidance policy (enclosed) and visitors policy (posted on the bulletin board/copies available upon request)



LFP policies and procedures may change over time as need arises. In that event we will notify you with an updated handbook.

Please notify us as soon as possible in change of contact information, medical information, and emergency pickup information. It is a good idea that every time your child has a physical and/or immunization you pick up a copy for their file.

A completed registration checklist and agreed upon start date is necessary for successful enrollment of your child/ren.


Little Foot Preschool & Child Care Policy and Procedure Handbook

If you have any questions or concerns, please do no hesitate to speak to us about it immediately. While our policies and procedures are clearly defined, we are not inflexible. We understand that things happen. Speaking to us early on will help us develop a good parent-provider relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect. We do not take lightly the enormity and seriousness of caring for your child/ren and feel privileged that you have chosen us. Each child that comes into our home is loved. And we truly enjoy getting to know them. The children become very much a part of our extended family and we are grateful that our job allows us to help them learn and grow. Everything that we do is for the betterment of the children. We look forward to being your child care provider.

Definitions: Full time: Monday-Friday up to 10 hours of care per day between the hours of 6am-6pm  Part time:  3-4 days, up to 10 hours of care per day between the hours of 6am-6pm. Drop in: As needed care on a per diem basis

Day Care Hours: Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6am-6pm but am flexible about working with your schedule for pre-arranged off hours of care for a reasonable fee. During holiday times we offer extended hours and weekend care. A separate notice will be sent home.

Attendance:  If your child is part time, your schedule is set to allows us to enroll another part time child and the time frame are not flexible (no swapping days, the additional day will be an extra day.) If your child will be late or not attending PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that we aren't waiting for your child. Also, if your child needs to be picked up early please let me know so that our schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

After Hours: Unless prior arrangements have been made,  please be courteous and pick your child up on time. After 6 pm, we do have activities to attend or make arrangements for our family to spend time together. After hours is family time, which is of utmost importance to us. We do understand that things happen, and we want everyone to travel safely. If for any reason you will not be on time to pick up your child before 6 pm, please contact us by phone.

Pet Policy: Our family has a dog. Emma, our dog is fully vaccinated, flea treated, behavior and temperament tested. We ask that the children are gentle and kind to her. She is very sweet, and once in a while will come to visit the children. If after repeated reminders, the child is still too rough or aggressive, we will ask that they no longer pet or play with the dog for safety of both the dog and the child. Hand washing is required after the children pet or play with our dog.

State Licensing Requirements: Little Foot Preschool & Child Care is a NYS licensed group daycare and complies with all applicable licensing regulations and standards. These standards relate to my home, health, safety policies and procedures, nutrition, care giver to child ratios and record keeping. These standards are in the best interest of the children. Our home is subject to inspection by state health, fire and licensing officials. ALL staff maintain first aid and CPR certifications for both children and adults, as well as continuing education requirements.

Day's off/Holiday/Vacation Policies: We usually close for the following holidays each year:  Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day. The provider sends home the days off for the year before the New Year Break. If additional time is needed we will let you know as soon as possible, with no less than two week's notice. We use these days for classes, CPR and First Aid renewal, as well as sick days or family vacation. There is a vacation policy for parents, you will be expected to pay half the weekly rate of care to hold your child's spot for up to one week. Beyond that your regular weekly rate is due whether your child is in attendance or not. Note: Parents are responsible for finding back up care for their child for these days, unless otherwise noted. If we close due to a weather emergency, we do not expect payment for that day. 

Health: For the health and safety of your child, the other children in our care, the staff and my family, please do not bring your child if they are sick. This makes us susceptible to becoming ill which may cause other children to become sick. Upsetting and inconveniencing many families. Children with mild cold like symptoms may attend, who are otherwise feeling and acting well. The symptoms of mild cold include; no fever, mild runny nose with clear drainage, slight cough. Green nasal discharge, persistent cough, or fevers all need to be seen by a doctor before attending care to ensure that everyone stays healthy. Please do not medicate your child prior to arrival for care.  If you are not sure if your child can attend, please contact us. If your child/ren become ill during daycare hours, you will be notified and expected to pick up or make emergency arrangements WITHIN 30 MINUTES. It is at our discretion when to remove a child, some of these symptoms include but are not limited to; fever of 100.5 or greater, frequent or deep cough, moderate-severe runny nose or discolored drainage, nausea and/or vomiting, diarrhea, rash or irritability that causes them to be unable to participate. Once a child is removed he/she will not be allowed back until they are symptom free for 24 hours without medication AND well enough to participate in our daily schedule. On occasion we will request a note from the pediatrician stating that they are no longer contagious and they are able to participate in daycare. Please remember that while stringent, these guidelines go both ways. This means your child (and ultimately yourself and family) are not being exposed to unnecessary illnesses as well. If an emergency situation occurs and your child requires immediate medical attention, a phone call to 911 is made, THEN to you. It is VERY important that all contact an medical information is kept up to date.

Arrival and Departure: Please send your child clean, dressed (no pajamas unless you want your child in them all day or it is a specified pajama day) Please feed your child if their arrival is after a meal or snack time. Please do not send in food(except for infants), (half eaten breakfasts, cereal bars, candy or gum). PLEASE BE ADVISED that we expect you to be in control of your child during these times and do not expect to have to offer them guidance on the rules during this period. The transition time is difficult for most children to understand and results in many behavioral issues if the boundaries are not clearly defined. Please limit your drop-offs and pick-ups to no more time than it takes to dress your child. 2-3 minutes, even in winter, this is more than sufficient. .Once you arrive for drop off in the morning, a simple kiss goodbye helps the children transition into playing with the group. Once you arrive for picking up your child, IT IS EXPECTED that YOU will attend to your child. We can't allow children to be unattended at any time and once you arrive, our responsibility has ended. YOU as the parent are expected to be able to dress your child in their coat, shoes and guide them safely to YOUR vehicle. This is VERY important for everyone's safety. Please do NOT send your child "outside to play" unsupervised at ANY POINT. THIS is VERY DANGEROUS! Cars coming up and down the drive way can't always see running children or swinging children. Once you arrive to pick up your child/ren YOU are NOW IN CHARGE OF THEM. They may not "hang out to play" after YOU HAVE ARRIVED. If you would like to speak to us, we are available through email or pre-arranged phone or in person conference after hours. This helps these times run smoothly, reduces the time our attention is away from the other children and allows for consistency for your child  We appreciate you understanding.

Cleanliness: We take the well-being of your child very seriously and work hard to ensure a clean, sanitary environment in order to help minimize and/or prevent the spread of germs. Nap cots, blankets and pillows are never shared. Our home is cleaned nightly. Hard surfaces are wiped down with a diluted bleach solution; floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped. The bathroom is cleaned and sanitized completely. Weekly; the nap mats, blankets and pillows are washed, the hard toys are soaked in a sanitizing solution, and the cubbies are cleaned out weekly. Because of this we ask that you & the children not enter our home with your shoes on, that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer available at the door upon entering and that you limit your contact with the other children. Hand washing is the single most effective practice at preventing the spread of germs. The children and staff wash our hands VERY frequently throughout the day. Please be respectful of our family and my home. We ask that you limit your presence to the daycare area only. Children and parents are not allowed in any other areas of our home unless invited. We have dedicated classroom space separate from our living space and we would prefer to keep it as such.

Supplies Needed:  Parents are responsible for supplying the following items; a weekly supply of diapers, pull ups, wipes, diaper cream, sunscreen and weather appropriate clothing. For diapered children one extra weather appropriate change of clothing. For toilet training children at least two spare changes. Jacket, hats, gloves as needed. Shoes should be easy on/off and lace or Velcro. NO FLIP FLOPS unless we are planning a beach day or an outing to a water play location. We also highly recommend rain boots for spring. There is a very good possibility that your child/ren will get dirty throughout the day so please keep clothing in mind for this purpose. Soiled clothing will likely be sent home for you to wash. We are not responsible for soiled, stained, lost or damaged clothing. We also highly suggest you label everything with your child’s name (including socks and underwear) to help prevent mix ups.  We regularly check your child’s cubby and will send home a list of anything that is missing. In addition, seasonally we send home reminders that the clothing needs to be switched out, and on occasion request additional items, like plain white t-shirts, empty shoe boxes, etc. for craft projects. We greatly appreciate your adherence to this as it helps us tremendously if everything is available.

Medication: At this time we are now certified to administer medication. For special medication needs, please discuss this with us prior to bringing any medications.


Reporting Child Abuse: We are required by law to report any suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect. Your child can be questioned at any time by child protective services without your consent.

Daily Schedule: Our daily schedule is flexible enough to meet the needs of all the children, but structured enough so that children can have stability and know what to expect throughout each day. A copy of our schedule is posted.

Meals/Snacks: We strive to do our very best to provide your child/ren with quality, balanced nutrition while they are in our care. Please do not bring food or drinks from home(except infants). Breakfast is served for my family at 6:30am, so unless you have made arrangements with us in advance your child should arrive fed. Morning snack is served at 10:00am for the 18 month to 5 year olds and includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetable options that vary.  Apples, bananas, yogurt and carrot sticks are always available. Lunch is served at 12:00 pm. It is always a hot meal and includes a serving of whole grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. Afternoon snack is served around 4:30pm for everyone. The children are offered the food, but not forced to eat. Children who chose not to eat will not be served additional food until the next meal time. Hands are washed before and after meals as well after using the restroom for any reason. Juice is limited to 4 ounces for ages 2-5 and 6 ounces for ages 5+. Milk is served with lunch. Water is available throughout the day. It is our goal to offer nutritious meals and snacks to ensure the children receive a well-balanced diet. Children need good nutrition to meet daily energy needs and to help their little bodies and minds develop. Good habits developed in childhood last a lifetime and help prevent cavities, iron deficiency, anemia and obesity. All common childhood nutritional concerns. It is our hope that you will be enthusiastic with your child about our program. We do our best to provide special meals and snacks if the child has specific dietary needs, or for medical reasons.  The parent may be asked to provide some of the needed meal components in some situations.

Because we serve good sized portions, there may not be available seconds.

Learning and Play: For children age 18 months to age 5 we offer a scheduled day with a combination of structured and unstructured learning and play time. An ongoing preschool curriculum that is both fun and educational with themed units is provided by me. Your child will enjoy activities that range from arts and crafts projects, games, stories, songs, exercise, science, shapes, numbers, colors, letter recognition, pre-writing and pre-cutting skills, and so much more. Some of these projects will be taken home to share with you and some you will hear about. We know that children learn best by doing. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of developmentally appropriate, hands on and fun activities. Every three months children age 2-4 will be evaluated using a very comprehensive developmental checklist that covers everything from social skills to letter recognition. It is so amazing to me to watch them learn and gain new skills, and we know it is for you as well! We encourage participation, but no child will be forced to participate. Most importantly, our goal is to help make learning fun. We know that children also learn through play. Because of this we offer both structured and unstructured play opportunities daily, indoors and outdoors. During structured play we primarily have one type of toy/game/puzzle out at a time. Structured play helps develop skills such as listening, following directions, waiting and taking turns. Unstructured play allows for children to play pretend and develop those wonderful imaginations, as well as problem solving and social skills. Weather permitting, we play outdoors every day.

Nap/Rest time: Nap time is at 1:00 every day. All children ages 6 weeks -4 years who are not toilet trained are required to wear a diaper or pull up for nap. If children do not nap, they are encouraged to have quiet time where they are offered quiet time activities like puzzles or books. A sheet and a blanket are provided that fit our napping mats and napping cots. Please do not send in these items from home.

Media Policy:  We believe that children should be restricted to very little television or other electronic devices that is why there is NO Television in our classroom space.  On occasion we will watch a short video. In the summer months we will have a pre-screened movie weekly. There is a computer station available as one of our centers for use during choice time. The first offering is to utilize a game that is on a CD. This avoids the internet being used by preschool children. The internet, with pre-approved kid friendly website options, is available with permission slips for school age children and only for the specified duration of time that you allow. The allowable websites are posted above the computer area, and under the favorite’s folder. No other website will be allowed until it is reviewed by me. There are parental controls on the classroom computer station. This blocks the children from accessing any other websites other than the pre-approved, specific sites. Copies of these websites are available upon request should you want to use them at home. We also have Ipads, Ipods and a laptop for the children to use. The Ipads and Ipods have internet access restricted and only allows the children to access apps that are child rated such as ABC Mouse, ABC Mouse books, Disney Jr, and many more. These are all educational based games. 


Photos: Please be aware that while in our care your child will be photographed. These photographs are not used in advertisements. They are used in displays, and arts and crafts projects. We also share copies of photos with parents on a semi-regular basis. If you wish to revoke this permission please do so in writing. These photos are also shared using our private FB page as well as our PRIVATE family only website. For access to these online areas please ask us for details upon enrollment.

Guidelines for the Children:

All food and drinks are to be kept at the table

walking feet

indoor voices

kind words

gentle hands/hands to self

please clean up after yourself

shoes are to be kept in the cubbies

no rough housing

no picking up the other children

Daily Communication: Daily activity sheets will go home every day with each child under the age of 18 months. These sheets are our main  means of communication for our younger children. We communicate verbally with each parent at pick up time how each day went for parents who's children are above 18 months. This allows us to be open with you about how the day has progressed, how behavior has been, and if there are any important events that you should know about.

Car Seat Safety:  Children arriving to and from care, your child/ren should be in car seats as mandated by law. Children should be harnessed until the maximum height AND weight limit of your seat. Until children are age 8 AND 4’9” AND 80lbs they should be in a booster seat. Children under the age of 12 (in other words, NO CHILD IN MY CARE), regardless of size, should EVER ride in the front seat of a car. If a child is not restrained legally, we will notify the authorities. Because the safety of children is our MAIN priority, when the children are being transported by us, we go further than the minimum legal requirements, as defined in the transportation permission slip.


Toys: We have a very well organized play are and classroom with toy storage labeled with photos for easy play for all of the children. While the children are accustomed to sharing all of their toys since that has always been expected of them, most children do not do well sharing their toys from home. We ask that except for Show 'N Share days, all toys be left at home. There are no exceptions to this rule. We will remove the toy from your child and put it away. On share days, the toy is given to me by the parent(s) or placed in the cubby only to be removed for share time. Also, without prior permission from me, all electronic devices e.g. cell phones (active or inactive), iPods, Nintendo DS’s, etc. should be left at home as well.


Special Needs: Our son has a congenital heart defect. His cheeks are often flushed when just playing quietly. He does sometimes have brief periods where he will stop playing and need a little break. This is caused by his defect. The function of his heart is different  from other children, he doesn't have all of the main vessels of the heart in the correct place. As a result, his body works much differently than other children. His heart works much harder to function, one of the vessels meanders around internally. It does cause some compression in areas of his other organs restricting thier abilities. As a result he is a little small for his age, but he is as active as he can be. His condition has been deemed medically stable and we are happy to be able to provide quality care again.

 Potty Training: We are more than happy to work with you and your child on potty training, as long as the child is ready and willing. The initial start needs to begin at home at least two weeks with success prior to initiating at day care. Parents will be required to supply pull ups and wipes. We  will not go back and forth between diapers and pull ups as it is confusing for the child. Cloth trainers with a plastic cover are welcome after a two week period at day care with very few accidents, but a sealed leak proof bag needs to be brought daily to transport dirty clothes home. If you are not consistent at home, do not expect success at day care. During toilet training, and until accidents are very seldom, please keep two full changes of clothes here at LFP, shirt, pants or shorts, underwear and socks. Please do not expect us to completely potty train your child. Please let us know if you stop working on potty training at home as we will discontinue it at day care as well.  We will work with you to decide when the best time to transition to underwear is. Please remember that pull ups will still be required at nap.


Open Door Policy: Please feel free to come and go during your child’s day, but keep in mind that this is usually disruptive to the other children. During these times the children have a hard time listening and following directions. The front door is usually unlocked, but there are times that we do lock the door for safety reasons if notified of an emergency shelter in place situation. In this instance, all parents will be contacted so that you are aware of this and that everyone is safe.

Manners: Manners are important to us. They are a sign of respect that we feel they are greatly missing in our current culture. By example and reminder, we expect; please, thank you, yes please, no thank you, excuse me, may I please be excused? and may I _____?. Other courteous behaviors such as offering help, opening doors, and offering a seat to someone else will be greatly praised and encouraged.


Dress Code: This applies to ALL of the kids. There are no exceptions and if an appropriate change of clothes/shoes is not available we will ask the parent to bring in a change of clothes or remove the child for the day. No dress boots or uncomfortable shoes. No skirts unless there are tights or shorts underneath/skort.  No dangly jewelry as these get easily caught and tangled possibly causing injury to your child. Sensible play clothes are what is needed to enjoy our day, as are sensible shoes. Flip flops aren't recommended, but should a child arrive wearing them, we will ask that they put on their spare pair of socks while playing indoors.


Injuries: If a mild injury occurs while the child is in our care,  you will receive an "ouchie report". Examples of mild injury are; fall while on floor/ground, bump, scraped hands/knees.  If a moderate or severe injury occurs you will receive a copy of the state mandated injury report. Examples of moderate injury are; fall from any elevated surface,  bleeding that required pressure, etc. A severe injury is one that requires immediate medical attention. Please be advised that moderate-severe injuries ALL have to be reported and kept in the child’s file per state regulations, even those that occur at home. We reserve the right to photograph these injuries as part of the documentation procedure.


Reimbursement of broken items: We believe that children are responsible for their actions and it is our responsibility to teach them how to respect other people’s property and the value of those items. Any damage to our home or personal belongings that is due to misuse, roughness, tantrums or that is purposely broken or damaged by your child will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the parents. The provider will continue to be responsible to repair or replace broken daycare equipment, toys and personal belongings due to normal wear and tear.


Behavior of other children: While you are in our home, you may see or hear another child exhibiting behavior that is less than ideal. Please keep in mind that when another adult comes into the home, it confuses the children as to who is in charge. Children often forget rules when our attention is diverted to you, or helping your child get ready to leave. Also remember that ALL CHILDREN forget the rules, some more often than others, and it is not up to you to make judgments about a child based on these small time frames. No child is perfectly well behaved, including your own. It is not helpful to our forgiving, kind atmosphere when parents comment or stare. Children also have different personalities, and while your child may be laid back, other children are more naturally demanding of more attention or reminders. If we discuss with you a behavioral problem with your child, it is inappropriate to bring up the behavior of other children. That is between the children and our staff, or the other parents and our staff. It has been our experience that all young children show off in front of others, so keep in mind that the same behavior you are shocked over is probably what your child is doing in front of other parents as well.


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