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Guidance (Discipline) Policy

1) No corporal punishment will ever be used.

2) Providers will use the following methods in order to foster good choices and healthy socialization among the group:

   A) Redirection-introducing the child to another toy or activity to divert them from the situation that was causing potential difficulties for them.

  B) 1,2,3 counting rule- counting moderately from one to three aloud, alerting the child that their behavior needs to be adjusted or controlled for the safety and well being of all in our program.

  C) Positive praise and rewards for appropriate behavior choices

  D) Should the child’s behavior become harmful or is likely to result in harm to the child, others or property, or seriously disruptive the child will be given an opportunity to separate briefly from the situation or group by sitting in a safe quiet place away from the group but within eyesight of the provider .  We have several discovery bottles to offer. The calming glitter bottle  is used to keep them occupied and focused while sitting in the book nook. The bottle helps to remove any stress they may be feeling as a result of the situation that they were just a part of. Watching the glitter slowing drifting to the bottom of the bottle has a calming effect. Once the child has regained self control, the child may then return to the group after we have had a chance to explain the situation that occurred and discuss ways to avoid it in the future.

Our behavior strategies include various age appropriate discipline choices to help each child navigate through difficult or upsetting situations that may arise during our day. We allow children to discuss their feelings, help guide them to make good choices by using positive praise and rewards to help them understand the difference so that appropriate choices can be made before a situation becomes difficult.

Policies For Child Care

Our hours of operation: 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday with Saturday availability

Name of Child(ren):_________________________________
Persons Authorized to pick up child (ren) other than parents:
Only persons authorized by the parent will be allowed to remove the child from child care. Parent will call GFDC Provider prior to arrival of another alternate person to pick up the child. Additionally, parent and GFCD Provider will establish a “codeword” which will be used by the alternate person. If the “codeword” is given, the child will be released from the GFDC Provider’s care. If not, and the parent cannot be reached, the child will not be released from the GFDC Provider’s care.                

List of  persons Authorized for pick up of child(ren): Name, relationship, Phone #



Our family “codeword” is: ______________________________________________

Child will be attending on the following days:

(Please circle)        Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday   Friday  Saturday 


Names of current Assistants:
Available in person upon request

Substitute Care
If the GFDC Provider is unable to provide care for children due to an emergency or illness, doctor’s appointment, or other special circumstances a substitute will be used. The substitutes have all been fingerprinted and are authorized by NYS OCFS to provide substitute care.  _________(Initial)

Names of current substitutes provided by Provider:

Available in person upon request

Discipline is an ongoing learning situation. Discipline strategies that will be used include: redirecting a child to an alternate activity, praising and rewarding acceptable behavior, encouraging children to talk about their feelings and their choices in behavior. Providing an example for the children by speaking and interacting with the children in a positive manner. When these forms of discipline are not successful in changing the behavior, and the child’s behavior is likely to result in harm to themselves or others the child may be separated briefly from the group, only for as long as it takes for the child to regain enough self control to rejoin the group. Rules will be established by the provider and will be clear, consistent, and appropriate to the ages of the children in care.

Discipline in the form of “corporal punishment” is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
(Corporal punishment means spanking, biting, shaking, slapping, twisting, squeezing, belittling, causing humiliation or shame) Methods which injure, frighten, demean, degrade, humiliate a child are NOT ACCEPTABLE in the GFDC home.  _______(Initial)

Because our program tries to be very flexible with the work schedules of the families in our GFDC, we request families who enroll in part time care contact the provider with the schedule for the coming week the FRIDAY before care is to be provided.
Provider will communicate with parents daily. Meetings can be set up at any time the parent or provider feels there may be a need for further discussion. Parents will notify the GFDC Provider of any changes in the child’s life that the GFDC Provider will need to know to provide the best care for your child(ren)._________(Initial)

Authorization for Transportation:
LFP may take my child ________________________________________ for short walking trips as part of the group family child care program. _________(Initial)
LFP or current alternate provider has my permission to
take _____________________________________in a car as long as a seat belt or an approved car seat is used. Jennifer Ford has permission to transport my child on field trips with advance notification of such trips. _________(Initial)

Authorization to Photograph:
GFDC Provider has permission to pictures of my child while in care and I am aware that I have the ability to see all pictures that are taken and request copies of them. _________(Initial)

Extra Clothing:
Parents are responsible for providing 1 extra change of clothing for each child appropriate to the seasons. _________(Initial)

Outside Play Permission:
I authorize my school age child(ren)__________________________________ to be allowed to participate in activities outside the direct supervision of the provider. Such activities will occur on the premises of the GFDC home and the provider will physically check on the child(ren) every 15 minutes. _________(Initial)

I authorize my child to participate in outdoor water play during warmer weather. I understand that my child may get wet or dirty as part of normal child’s play. _________(Initial)

Sleeping Arrangements:
I understand that my child(ren) will nap in the “classroom” area on a nap cot or nap mat. The children will be supervised by the provider in the room with them or the adjoining room within eyesight of the children. _________(Initial)

Provider is currently only authorized to administer topical over the counter ointments. Until the GFDC Provider complete the MAT Training class ( scheduled for April 2014)
please understand that unless we have a waiver from your child(ren) physician approved by OCFS for life threatening situation only topical OTC ointments such as sunscreen, diaper cream._________(Initial)

Any visitors to the GFDC home will be required to show identification and sign in the visitor log book. They must record time in and time out, purpose of their visit, and their name. This log book is available by our door for parents to read at any time. Exceptions to the visitor policy include the GFDC Providers, alternates, substitutes, house hold members, and daycare families. _________(Initial)

Internet/Electronic Access:
The GFDC Provider supplies Electronic hand held devices (Ipads, Ipods, Desk top computers) for educational use during daycare hours. It is understood that unless otherwise specified my child(ren) will have use of these during the daycare hours._________(Initial) 

The GFDC Provider also utilizes a shutterfly website that is an invite only access group. This is to give daycare families the ability to keep up to date on our activities, changes to our program, and even order pictures taken of children in the program. _________(Initial)

Parents will give 2 weeks notice for vacations or other leave. Parents are allowed 1 week vacation and agree to pay half of the regular weekly rate for such vacation/leaves. This will guarantee to keep a spot in our program for the child’s return. Provider will take one week of paid vacation (½ weekly tuition) during the course of the year. This only applies if the provider is unable to arrange for a substitute for that time. If substitute care is provided normal rates apply.  Parents will be notified at least 4 weeks in advance of any vacation._________(Initial)

Infant: $175 per week
Toddler/Preschool: $150  per week
School Age: $75 B/A School  $100 per week (summer/breaks/closings)

Payment is due the last day of the week that the child is to be in care. We ask that all payments be made on time. We understand that sometimes things happen, but we would ask that if an issue with an on time payment arises that you please discuss this with us. We do our best to be understanding and flexible. Provider accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Money Order. We do no currently accept Credit Card payments but hope to soon have that available to families as well.
There is a  10 % discount for payments made a month at a time. Payments for care are tax deductible and statements are given in January each year. _________(Initial)




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