Little Foot Preschool & Child Care

Little Foot Preschool & Child Care

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Welcome to Little Foot Preschool & Child Care where learning is FUN!

We are a NYS Licensed Group Home child care facility.  We are located in the heart of the Finger Lakes in Canandaigua NY. If you are looking for a loving, educational, happy and fun filled environment where we truly love children, we are happy to welcome you to Little Foot Preschool & Child Care!


What we have to offer:


We love what we do, each and every day here and truly enjoy spending time with  children. Experiencing the wonderful giggles, warm hugs, silly shenanigans and just plain FUN of being with friends is why we chose to spend our days educating and loving children. Our staff has ZERO turnover! After over 15 years of working together we still retain the same solid group of loving staff. When you enter our facility you will see that we have DEDICATED space. 100 % of our classroom and play space is for the children to use exclusively. It has been this way since we opened our doors here in 2006! The toys and play areas are well organized with your child/ren in mind.


 *Availability *

We are open from 5 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday 

Saturday by arranged schedule 7 am to 4 pm

 with some flexibility for early arrivals or 

*Structure & Schedule*

We pride ourselves on keeping our program structured. By doing so, the children know what is expected daily and they know what to plan on. Children are successful in learning through play when the environment is well organized and there is some flexibility in our schedule should the need arise to adjust for any reason.



Personalized attention allows us to learn and know what each child's strengths are as well as developing areas that need more focus. This is extremely helpful in allowing each child in our program to maximize their potential. Our daily routine includes but is not limited to: circle time, music, arts & crafts, indoor and outdoor play, both structured and unstructured. We purchase supplies and implement a fully comprehensive preschool curriculum designed by our staff. By building a strong foundation for elementary education, we ensure that each child has the tools needed to succeed. Newsletters and calendars will come home with each child so that you know what we have learned each week, and what our upcoming lessons will be. Our crafts, songs and stories will correspond to that theme to provide an additional educational benefit while learning through play. These things can be found in each families own mailbox located here in our facility.



 We are in Licensed with NYS and ALL of our staff are certified in both Child & Adult CPR (AED) & First Aid. We maintain ongoing education through Office of Children and Family Services. Our entire home is inspected for safety, both indoors & outdoors.

No one will enter our facility unless they are one of the following:

1) Parent/Guardian of a  child in our program

2) OCFS representative (they must sign into our visitors log)

3)Authorized person to pick up a child in our program

4) current assistant, substitute or provider in OUR program

* Health*

 We believe that by building strong bodies, we can build strong minds. With the right balance of fuel and reassurance children are more willing to learn new things. We also plan to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Monthly menus are also sent home with your child. We love to serve nutritious meals, and include a wide variety of foods in our menu planning. We strive for 5 daily. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available. We serve  breakfast, morning snack, HOT lunch & afternoon snack daily. As well as plenty of milk, juice and water too! We pride ourselves on cleanliness. With that in mind our facility is thoroughly cleaned nightly to help prevent the spread of germs. We provide many opportunities for exercise, and limit screen time to one short video that is used only for special occasions or holidays.

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